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When you need surgery, a preoperative evaluation helps you and your surgeon effectively plan for the best possible outcomes during and after your surgical treatment. The providers at Bethesda Immediate Care, located in Bethesda, Maryland, work closely with your surgeon to improve your risks and personalized your postoperative plan of care. For a thorough preoperative evaluation, call or schedule an appointment online.


What is a preoperative evaluation?

A preoperative, or preop, evaluation is a specialized assessment completed before you undergo surgery. Your surgeon usually requires a preop evaluation once your surgery is planned. Some surgeons require that your preop evaluation takes place before scheduling your surgery.

The preop evaluation ensures you have the best possible surgical outcomes, by:

  • Evaluating your overall health status
  • Establishing your past and current medical history
  • Ensuring you’re healthy enough for surgery
  • Identifying increased risks for complications
  • Assessing any areas of concern the surgeon may have
  • Planning ways to decrease risk during and after surgery
  • Anticipating postoperative needs

A preop evaluation completed within 30 days before your surgery ensures your surgical team that they have the most up-to-date information when planning and performing your surgery.

What does a preop evaluation entail?

Your preop evaluation includes a physical exam and any diagnostic testing requested by your surgeon. Your provider at Bethesda Immediate Care also takes time to collect valuable information about your health status, including:

  • Past medical history
  • Past surgical history
  • Past experience with anesthesia
  • Current status of any chronic disease
  • Updated medication list
  • Smoking or tobacco history
  • Immunization status
  • Current recreational drug or alcohol use

Your provider also determines what services you may need during your rehabilitation period, such as home health, physical therapy, or wound care.

What diagnostic testing takes place during a preop evaluation?

The team at Bethesda Immediate Care orders any testing needed to get a clear picture of your health and anything else your surgeon requests.

Preop diagnostic testing includes:

  • Urine and blood tests
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Chest X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • MRI or CT

Your provider works closely with your surgeon to ensure they have all the information they need to implement your surgical treatment plan.

How can I prepare for my surgery?

Your provider at Bethesda Immediate Care makes recommendations to you and your surgeon that may reduce your risks during and after surgery.

These recommendations may include:

  • What medications to withhold before surgery
  • Nutritional guidelines for before and after surgery
  • Guidelines for smoking or tobacco usage during recovery
  • Support services that should be in place during recovery

Your preoperative evaluation is important for reducing risks, planning for care, and improving your postsurgery outcomes. The providers at Bethesda Immediate Care ensure you are as prepared as possible for your surgery and your recovery.

For preoperative evaluation, call or book an appointment online with Bethesda Immediate Care.