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A quality physical exam is fundamental to providing quality pediatric and adult care. The team of providers at Bethesda Immediate Care is experienced and skilled at using a physical exam to assess your overall wellness, identify your health risks, and develop your personalized plan of care. For an expert physical exam, call or schedule an appointment online today.


What is a physical exam?

A physical exam, or physical, is an assessment tool used by your family care provider to determine the best approach to your health care. The purpose of physical exams is to:

  • Determine your overall health status
  • Monitor existing health conditions
  • Assess for signs of illness or disease
  • Identify any new health risks
  • Evaluate your current medications
  • Build trust with your provider

An annual physical exam is part of a lifetime of health and wellness for every member of the family, starting at birth. Physicals are often a requirement for inclusion in sports, certain jobs, or qualifying for some kinds of insurance.

What are some different types of physical exams?

Bethesda Immediate Care offers a variety of physical exams that are specific to age, gender, or purpose.

Some physical exams include:

  • Newborn exam
  • Well-infant exam
  • Well-child exam
  • Well-woman exam
  • Men’s health exam
  • Annual physical
  • Sports physical
  • Immigration physical
  • Health insurance physical

Some types of physicals required by employers, insurance, or the government have specific requirements that include bloodwork or other tests. Examples of this would be the physical required to qualify for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or immigration status.

What does a physical exam entail?

A standard physical exam typically involves:

  • Assessment of every body system
  • Updated health history
  • Weight and height
  • Routine blood work
  • Urinalysis
  • Medication evaluation

Depending on your age, existing health conditions, or elevated health risks, your provider may order other tests, including cancer screenings, specialized bloodwork, or EKG.

How does my provider assess each body system?

During a physical exam, your provider assesses each body system by:

  • Taking vital signs
  • Recording height and weight
  • Assessing oxygen levels
  • Testing hearing and vision
  • Listening to lung and heart sounds
  • Listening to and feeling the abdomen
  • Checking circulation and nerve health
  • Monitoring muscle and joint movement
  • Evaluating skin condition
  • Testing reflexes and coordination

The providers at Bethesda Immediate Care adjust each physical exam to meet the specific needs of newborns, infants, children, adolescents, women, and men. After your physical, your provider shares any areas of concern, changes in the plan of care, recommended further testing, or suggested lifestyle changes.

If you need a physical exam for any reason, call or schedule an appointment online with Bethesda Immediate Care today.