Robert Silverbrook, DO

About Robert Silverbrook, DO

Dr. Robert Mark Silverbrook, DO is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician in Maryland with 30 years of clinical experience.

Dr. Silverbrook received his Doctor of Medicine degree at the College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kansas City, MO, in 1985. After graduation, he did a 4-year internship at the University of Kansas City Hospital.

Dr. Silverbrook completed his Internal Medicine Internship and Residency training program at the Metropolitan Hospital Philadelphia, PA, in 1989.


He is a co-author of a number of publications and research, among them “Appendicitis or Trichuriasis”, “Branhamella catarrhalis pneumonia, complicating a case of tuberculosis”, “Bartter’s syndrome, a case report and review of literature”, “Weaning parameters and energy expenditure in patients with ventilator dependent respiratory failure”.


Dr. Silverbrook has also actively participated in many workshops and seminars with significant presentations on the following topics: Alzheimer disease diagnosis and treatment, hypercholesterolemia diagnosis and treatment, dyslipidemia, BPH, etc..


As an experienced clinician, Dr. Silverbrook was a preceptor at the Pennsylvania State College of Medicine and a participant of the Drexel University Nurse Practitioner Preceptor Program, providing individual instructions, training, and supervision to students.


Along with his professional responsibilities as an Internist, Dr. Silverbrook has carried out administrative duties as a Chief Medical Resident, Medical Director of Ambulatory Services, Neurohospitalist Medical Director.